Rong-zom-pa on the Tathāgatagarbha and Pratītyasamutpāda Theories


The critique of the tathāgatagarbha doctrine by the two Japanese scholars Shirō Matsumoto and Noriaki Hakamaya has compelled scholars engaged in the study of Buddhism to reflect on the Buddhist status of the doctrine. While the agenda and the underlying motives of these two scholars may be different, their dismissal of the tathāgatagarbha doctrine as non-Buddhist may have been inspired by some position found in Tibetan Buddhism. To my knowledge, however, Tibetan Buddhist scholars have never gone to the extent of apodictically rejecting the theory as non-Buddhist while some Tibetan Buddhist (e.g. Dol-po-pa’s or Jo-nang-pa’s) interpretation thereof has certainly been. […]

Rong-zom-pa on the Tathāgatagarbha and Pratītyasamutpāda Theories2019-09-27T02:55:50-06:00

Translating Philosophical Materials A


Sarah McClintock and Thomas Doctor both engage with issues of the possibility or impossibility of translation and Dorji Wangchuck considers translation theory and practice and approaches to the ideas of translation and transmission. As all three of these speakers are well-known scholars of Tibetan Buddhism and philosophers, this session is a special opportunity to observe their thoughts and interactions, and learn from their ideas.

Translating Philosophical Materials A2019-01-05T23:53:11-07:00