In this section we are sharing some of the art work displayed at the Translation and Transmission Conference series, some important projects presented during sessions, and a list of useful links to resources relevant to the themes and topics of these conferences.

The Conference Timelines

The 2014 Translation and Transmission Conference hosted at the Keystone Conference Center displayed three remarkable timelines produced by Tsadra Foundation. We are pleased to share them here for free download and for personal use. Please contact us at if you would like to use any of these timelines in any public event.

A Tibetan Translator Timeline

8th through 18th centuries

 A Modern Translation Timeline (Part 1)

18th through 21st centuries

A Modern Translation Timeline (Part 2)

18th through 21st centuries

Jamgön Kongtrul’s Five Treasuries Timeline

19th through 21st centuries

Useful Links to Resources

This is a selection of links to resources relevant to the themes and topics of the Translation and Transmission Conference series. If you would like to include missing links to important resources, please contact us at

Tibetan Computer Reference

Digital Tibetan
An extensive online resource for Tibetan dharma technology

The Tibetan and Himalayan Library
Information on Tibetan fonts

Qomolangma Tibetan Unicode Fonts

Nitartha International Sambhota Tibetan Fonts

Dictionaries and Language Resources

Online and offline Tibetan dictionaries combined

THL Tibetan to English Translation Tool

THL’s Online Tibetan Transliteration Converter
Convert Wylie to Unicode Tibetan

THL’s Online Tibetan Phonetics Converter
Tibetan or Wylie to Phonetics Converter

Dharma Dictionary
Tibetan-English dictionary, dharma glossaries, and resources

Glossaries for Buddhist Studies

Muller’s Digital Dictionary of Buddhism – DDB

Digital Dictionaries of South Asia – Sanskrit Dictionary

THL Tibetan Historical Dictionary &div_id=universal_navigation_content

Index for Spices in Tibetan Script

Rigpa Shedra
An online encyclopedia of Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Language Learning, Translation, and Research

Buddhist Texts: Searches, Repositories, and Translations

The Buddhist Canons Research Database
Kangyur and Tengyur search with links to available recensions in ACIP, TBRC and others

Adarsha Online
Kangyur & Tengyur Search from Gyalwang Karmapa

The Treasury of Lives
Biographies of Tibetan Masters

Himalayan Art Resources
Largest educational resource for Himalayan Art and Iconography

Indica et Buddhica
Materials for Indology and Buddhology

The Tibetan & Himalayan Library
Tibetan Canon Catalogs at UVa’s Tibetan & Himalayan Library

Resources for Kanjur & Tanjur Studies
Search titles of Kangyur texts in Tibetan, Sanskrit, or Mongolian

Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center
The largest archive of scanned PDFs of Tibetan texts

Old Tibetan Documents Online
7th to 12th century texts, inscruptions, and related materials

Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon
Sanskrit bibliography and manuscript archive

Asian Classics Input Project
ACIP Tibetan Digital Text for Kangyur and Tengyur

Classical Tibetan Knowledge
Archive and Study Resource from Central University of Tibetan Studies

Munchener DigitalisierungsZentrum Digitale Bibliothek
Scans of Tibetan Texts in Munich

Tibetan Bookstore
Get Tibetan Texts from Asia
Another source for Tibetan texts from Asia

Sera Jey Rigzod Chenmo

Dharma Downloads
Library of Free Digital Tibetan Texts

Lotsawa House
Free Translations with Digital Tibetan Texts

84000 Project
Translations of texts from the Tibetan Kangyur

A Sakya Digital Library
Khenchen Appey Rinpoche, Khenpo Ngawang Jorden, and the International Buddhist Academy in Kathmandu have created a great resource of Tibetan texts available for free

Tibetan Newspapers from Anna Saw’s Research
An Overview of Historical Tibetan-language Newspapers

Burial Mounds of Central Tibet and TAR Toponym Search
The site search currently holds around 45,000 entries

Translation Group Websites

Padmakara Translation Group

Institute of Tibetan Classics

Dharmachakra Translation Committee

Nalanda Translation Committee

Nitartha Translation Network

American Institute of Buddhist Studies

UMA Institute for Tibetan Studies

Chödung Karmo Translation Group
The International Buddhist Academy’s translation group

Light of Berotsana Translation Group

The Sugatagarbha Translation Group

Berzin Archives and Translations

Padma Karpo Translation Committee


H-Buddhism Bibliography Project
H-Buddhism’s truly massive bibliography project

Bibliographies on Buddhism in Western Languages
Professor Bingenheimer’s work

Bibliography of Indian Philosophies


The Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies

The Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies

Journal of Buddhist Philosophy

Journals of Himalayan Studies
List of free e-journals

The Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies

Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines

Journal of Buddhist Ethics

Journal of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies


The Buddhist Forum

Indica et Buddhica

Bulletin of Tibetology

Blogs & Forums

Lotsawa Forum
A useful email listserv for translators!forum/lotsawaforum

Official forum from IATS

Dan Martin’s blog & – TibSkritDownloadLink

Sam van Schaik’s blog

Dzogchen Wiki
Collection of encyclopedic entries on Dzogchen topics (in French)

Jean-Luc Achard Blog
Publications from Dr. Achard

Publishers of Tibetan Buddhist Works

Shambhala Publications

Wisdom Publications

Padmakara, France

The American Institute of Buddhist Studies

Rangjung Yeshe Publications
Oral teachings of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and his spiritual sons

WSTB, Vienna


Institute of Tibetan Classics

Library of Tibetan Works & Archives

Light of Berotsana

Vajra Publications, Nepal

Tibetan e-Books

Dharma e-Books from Gyalwang Karmapa