Sentient Beings Within: Buddha-Nature and the Great Perfection


This paper describes the status of a sentient being in the buddha rather than how the buddha, or buddha-nature, exists in sentient beings. It focuses in particular on how buddha-nature is interpreted by Mi pham (1846-1912) in light of his tradition of the Great Perfection (rdzogs chen). The qualities of a buddha, as present or not at the time of a sentient being, is an issue closely associated with Madhyamaka debates in Tibet around “other-emptiness” (gzhan stong) and “self-emptiness” (rang stong). A position that accepts that the qualities of the buddha are primordially present, unconditioned, and thus not newly produced, […]

Sentient Beings Within: Buddha-Nature and the Great Perfection2020-01-24T14:23:45-07:00

Who Gets to Be a Translator? Qualifications and Questions of Authority


An open discussion about qualifications and questions of authority related to translating and being a translator. Who decides what to translate? How and why? How do translator’s learn from each other? What qualities seem most important to cultivate as a translator? What are the qualifications of a translator? What trainings were the most important in your development as a translator? Or what was lacking? How does one measure the qualifications of a translator and how does one improve? How do you take ownership and responsibility for your work?

Who Gets to Be a Translator? Qualifications and Questions of Authority2019-01-05T23:54:01-07:00

Translating Philosophical Materials B


This session offers advice for translators working with philosophical materials. John Dunne presents a specific problem of finding that your good translation has gone bad. Douglas Duckworth speaks about collaborative translation and its rewards while offering advice about the process as it relates specifically to philosophical texts, and Klaus-Dieter Mathes discusses specific phrases and their meaning as they support one’s comprehension of philosophical concepts.

Translating Philosophical Materials B2018-05-24T22:47:15-06:00