Reflections on the Translation Process


Jules Levinson (Independent), John Canti (Padmakara, 84000), Dominique Townsend (Bard), Lama Jabb (Oxford), Sarah Harding (Tsadra Foundation), and Nancy Lin (84000) share their reflections about the process of oral and written translation from some of the first instances of Tibetan language being rendered into English in the United States through the first Lotsawa Translation Workshop in 2018. The discussion weaves through topics like facing the fear of “imposter syndrome” as part of the process of translation, the importance of “kindness to the reader”, and how translators relate to the concept of form. The speakers create a gentle, encouraging, and humorous […]

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Translation and Transmission


This panel synthesizes many earlier discussions about the connections between the processes of translation and transmission. Wulstan Fletcher acknowledges the bifurcation of “scholar” and “practitioner” and the basic assumptions associated with each label. Venerable Karma Lekshe Tsomo explores the limits of tolerance and the translator’s responsibility in terms of social justice issues. Donald Lopez speaks of the importance of all types of Tibetan texts when seeking historical context, and Jules Levinson discusses the point at which translators find themselves poised to develop literature and poetry for the sake of creative process.

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